At The Centre, Feltham, sustainability plays an important role in the decision making process. We realise the tremendous impact the built environment has on the world and we are taking steps wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and increase sustainability. We believe it is important to share these efforts with our customers and tenants so they understand how important sustainability is to us and the environment.

We have been recycling our waste since The Centre opened in 2006. We recycle all cardboard. Our general compacted waste is processed through a recycling plant by our supplier. We remove all batteries, fluorescent tubes and ink cartridges from the general waste stream. Our waste management company recycles 100% of the waste removed from The Centre from our general waste stream.

We monitor our consumption of electricity and water through monthly meter readings and will investigate and correct any defects if there are any unusual peaks in use. We restrict use of some electrical lighting and equipment to critical business operation hours.

We are investigating various means of reducing our electricity consumption using low energy fittings and sensors or timers where they can be used safely. We aim to educate and enlist retail tenants to review their own energy management in store and look reduce electricity and water consumption.

We are investigating installation of electric charge points for electric cars in our car parks.

We encourage charities to build awareness of their brand and their activities by facilitating fundraising events and activities, and we donate our Mall Space and our Gazebo to assist charities in this mission.

We have helped local rugby youth clubs by providing key sports equipment to ensure teamwork and fitness are promoted within the community to enhance children’s fitness and wellbeing.

We piloted a safe haven initiative at The Centre, where participating retailers at key locations in The Centre displayed a recognised symbol in their window to assist the local authority in providing safe haven points for people with learning disabilities who may be lost or separated from their carers and may require help.

Our control room is a hub for town link radio watch scheme for the Town Centre which assists to improve communications with the police and crime watch and crime fighting.

We promote learning and enriching, fun community projects by working with Feltham Arts and the Library  and local schools and community support groups.  We support them with both funding and marketing and partner Feltham Arts to run and promote events at The Centre and involve local children and schools and many underprivileged adults in the local community.